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You'll ask, so we might as well tell you

Writers. Editors. Creative types of every make and model. We are proud to be the management team behind Words Take Flight Books. Our combined experience covers writing and editing for everything from mainstream magazines and independent comic books, to Fortune 500 companies and regional not-for-profit organizations – as well as working on a movie and book or two.

One day (actually, it wasn't on the same day; but for creative purposes let's just say that it was), the soon-to-be team took a long look at each other – and themselves – and decided that their talents and time, as well as their love of books and writing, could be put to a better collective use: to create a boutique publishing firm imagined and executed by writers who understand writers – and readers who understand readers.

What is our mission? To change writers' and readers' shared perception of themselves: the perception – the illusion – of having limits. We are giving a voice to new and established authors, who will challenge you to open, explore and, in some cases, question your world, mind and notions of reality – which, like our name, isn't what you think it is or means.

Come with us and we assure you that, in time, you will learn what it means to watch words take flight.