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Show us how it's done

As writers ourselves, we at Words Take Flight Books give other writers the respect they deserve – respect they may have not received from traditional, "old school" publishing houses. Our service-focused submissions policies and procedures mean that we will: respond to your submissions and inquiries in a timely fashion talk and work with you in a friendly, professional manner provide constructive feedback and criticism offer editorial, writing and graphic support to help your words take flight. If you’re a reader, you’re about to learn some “inside stuff” about writers. Or, if you prefer, this might be a good time to go and indulge in a snack and the beverage of your choice.

What do we accept?

Words Take Flight Books is looking for both short fiction and novels. You are encouraged (strongly) to not only tweak the "boundaries," but to go beyond them. Give us something that make us (and readers) think, guess, wonder and imagine. We also invite you to give us a chill – but remember this: the rules are the same. Get into our minds, as well as under our beds: Words Take Flight Books believes that the most terrifying things in literature, as in life, are the ones that are – or could be – real. Most importantly, we make this promise to both established and new authors: We are not a vanity press and will not accept or publish works that do not meet our grammatical and stylistic standards.

How do we accept?

We want to get to know you as a writer – and we want to get to know what you are writing. If you have just an idea for a story, we ask that you "put some meat on the bones" by writing a synopsis so that we can see if both the idea and your writing are good fits for Words Take Flight Books. For short fiction, we ask that you submit a synopsis and the story itself – for novels, we ask that you submit a synopsis and the first three chapters Please note: Your ideas are yours – we have quite a few of our own and will not, under any circumstance, take what belongs to you.

When will you hear?

Barring something unforeseen, you will always receive a "thank you" e-mail for your submission. Review response times will vary; but our primary goal isn't just to give you a quick answer. You worked hard on your work – and we will respect that effort by giving it a "good read" before providing feedback. Your thank you e-mail will provide a rough estimate of the current turnaround time; and if that estimate proves to be inaccurate, you will receive a follow-up e-mail to that effect with a revised date.

What do we offer?

Words Take Flight Books is not a vanity press, a statement you will see and hear us repeat. We seek writing excellence and provide writers with the means to achieve it through support services typically found in a traditional publisher - but not with the price tag or hurdles associated with working with one.

Most of all, with Words Take Flight Books you can take advantage of the new paradigm in publishing, one that is designed and managed by the people who truly do the work: the writers. We are moving beyond the frustrations of working with a traditional publishing house that offers such "perks" as outdated advance and royalty calculations, uncommunicative editors and agents, service levels based on your "name", stacks of unsold books sitting in a warehouse and non-existent backlist supply.

If you are ready to step into the world of e-books and print on demand, why walk when you can let your words take flight with Words Take Flight Books?